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Phone Systems

Trixbox PBX and Cisco handsets: Trixbox is a powerful system including enterprise features without the licensing costs and requirements, this combined with the Cisco 79xx series phones offer a power and flexible solution.

Caller ID Lookup

Integrate caller ID lookup and phone directory into your internal customer management system.

Desktop Software

Software can be installed for direct dial, transfer, and call parking etc on windows and Mac platforms.

Site to Site Links

Link you sites together over a secure internet connection and transfer or collect calls on any site.

Flexible Configuration

FreePBX has been built to allow simple and powerful configurations, any setup is possible!

Voicemail to Email

Give your sales force an internal DDI and allow them to collect all voicemail on their mobile phone.

Caller Reports

Generate caller reports for the business, extract to excel for further reporting.

Conference Call

Allowing many parties to join a single call, this is ideal for remote office managers or non-geo meetings.


Place callers into a queue if you know you have hi call volumes, you can play music or advertising.

Ring Groups

Ring groups allow you to route inbound calls to many internal phones to ensure you call is answered.

Time Conditions

Setup in and out of hours and have the phone system handle the call as needed.

Custom Recordings

Record your own messages or adverts, have them play in queues, IVR or voicemail.

Digital Receptionist

Ideal for companies with no reception, press 1 for sales, press 2 marketing etc.

Overview of call features


Place a caller on hold and have them listen to music or custom advertising.


With both attended transfer (receptionist) or blind transfer the system allows many options.

Call Blocking

If you are getting fed up of unwanted or hassle calls, just add them to the block list. simple!

Call Pickup

Colleagues phone ringing? simple group pickup allows specified users to pickup other calls.

Call Forward

If your out of the office just divert your DDI to your mobile from the phone. miss no calls.


Setup busy and unavailable messages and allow users to leave messages, easy to review by phone or email.