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Multi Site VoIP Installation

Customer Request:

The customer requested that we provide a solution for enabling three sites to have their own VoIP system but then enable advanced call features across all sites.


We installed on each site an Asterisk based VoIP PBX with Cisco 79xx series client phones. Each system was configured as per the clients request, so DDI’s were setup, Voicemail etc. We confirmed each system worked correctly locally before adding the site to site connections and features.

Once happy we then created secure (private) internet paths between each system and secured each firewall only to allow connections from these sites.
Once these connections were online we started to build the dial plans and confirmed we could pass calls between sites.

We then worked closely with the client to build the plan for how an inbound call should be passed between sites i.e. Ring Groups / Time Conditions etc and establish a final working product.

Final Thoughts:

The solution worked extremely well and gave many fail over options, it also allowed for “WHAT IF” scenarios including failure of the fibre internet circuits providing both internet and VoIP.