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Disaster Recovery

Corporate Disaster Recovery Planning

If you have a machine that will not boot, for whatever reason, SMART IT can help.

With experience in planning for these types of failures, Smart IT can formulate and test standard operating procedures (SOP) to enable your business to recover with minimum downtime, loss of information and business disruption. As part of our facilities we can recover lost data from damaged hard drives and offer backup strategy and solutions advice.

Document Recovery

We can recover any type of document including music, picture and office documents.

Password Recovery

Lost your computer of document password?, we can find or remove.

Partition Recovery

If your computer can no longer find its boot or data partition we can recover.

Data Transfer

Our technical staff can transfer data from an old or dead machine onto a new drive or machine.

Dead Machine

If you have a dead/non boot machine we have low level tools so we can diagnose and repair.

No Fix No Fee

If we cannot fix your problem we will not charge you for our time.